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When my brother was in middle school, he bought a plecostomus and a whole tank setup. My brother has now graduated from high school and left the fish (named Friend, but I call him Mr Fish) in the care of my mom.

You can see the kind of care he’s getting here. He’s about 4” long an in a 10 gallon tank with inadequate filtration.

I’m not okay with this. I don’t know a lot about fish, but I’ve been trusting some really great fish blogs on Tumblr, and pleco-specific forums. I’ve been trying to help him as best I can but my mom keeps setting up rules for what I’m allowed to do. I can’t get him a new tank, I can’t get him a more powerful filter or a filter that doesn’t use carbon-filter pads because she doesn’t think they clean.

I can’t take care of this fish and make her happy. But since she’s an adult who can take care of herself, and currently out of the country, I’m stealing this fish to take better care of him. I’ve got a tub for him to live in, and a lot of the other things he needs

But I don’t have the two biggest and important things:

I don’t have a filter for the rubbermaid tub and I don’t have a liquid test kit. 
Without these I can’t cycle the tub and move him over. (I’ve learned that you really shouldn’t even /own/ a fish without a liquid test kit).

He’s between five and eight years old and not exactly been having an easy life, and I don’t want to stress him out any more than I need to. Since I came home I’ve been doing daily partial water changes, but he’s just too big for the tank and shits too much for the filter to handle.

A liquid test kit is $30
I’ve talked the person in the pet store to $30 for a filter for a 50Gal

I’m unemployed during the summer and $60 is a lot of money for me. This is not money I can get in a timely fashion, and I may not be able to get it before I go back to school in October.

I don’t want to just ask Tumblr for help. I don’t have money, but I have amazing friends who donated things they’ve made. Currently, my friend treesinginghobbit has donated hats, plushies, and bags to my Etsy. Any money that you spend on those awesome things (the hats are $10, bags are $5) will go to me getting that filter and test kit.

Check out Beth’s awesome things at my Etsy here! Everything goes to getting the filter and test kit.

I know that this isn’t a big thing. It’s not someone’s hospital bill and it’s not someone’s dog getting hit by a car or a mother not being able to feed her children, or the things that usual requests for help on Tumblr are. It’s why I trying to not ask too much. I’m not asking for just money. I assure you that all of Beth’s hats are worth more than $10. We only need to sell six of them.

If I get more than I need for the filter and the test kit, the money will still go to taking care of him. I’d like to get a real siphon (mine’s a cut piece of hardware store hose). He’ll need a heater once I move back to school and it’s cooler. I’d like to have a stock of medicines and other health care things for if he gets sick. If I get enough, I’d like to get him a real tank. You have my word that any dollars you donate to this project will go to Mr Fish’s happiness and healthiness. 

And if anyone out there notices something I’m doing wrong, please tell me. I don’t know how to take care of this fish and I don’t know anyone who knows what they’re doing in the area that I could ask or just give the fish to. I want to take the best care of him that I can and that means that I’m very open to anyone who knows fish telling me what I should do. 

Thank you so much. 

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