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I did some things to a fish tank.

(Just so no one gets concerned: All the china is food safe. Spent a bit of time on the phone confirming the safety of the tiny tea set, actually. There’s currently no fish in the tank, just ghost shrimp. I don’t want to get a fish and then have to stress it out moving to Ashland so soon).

Now I’m going to blah design at everyone because I’m a designer and it’s what I do.

  • Before tank had nothing on the back which meant all the wires show, and personally I found this ugly.
  • Started by putting my mom’s teapot on a blanket with a teacup and drawing them in sharpie. Just some shittiness to get the basic shapes down so I can take that with me and remember the shadows. 
  • Cut some bristol vellum to the size of the back of the tank. Started drawing that with markers (mostly copic wide, but used my 5 year old prismacolor cool gray set a lot though). Did the teapot and the cup first. Stupidly did this based off looking at the real things and not at my little sketch, so the handle’s off and the cup’s skewed and I forgot to draw in the crack. That’s what the sketch is for, dammit. (Also sketch makes me keep the light source more consistent, I find)
  • Kept the sky blobbly and dark because it’s underwater. Kept the sand poorly-shaded becuase my marker ran dry. Also note that there’s a Chromatix marker in the corner. Those fucking markers are pieces of shit and you should never buy them because the color is uneven between the ends, the brush tips don’t work, the caps let the colors dry out in less than a month, before they’re dry they put out way too much ink and bleed on every type of paper including watercolor, and they’re incompatible with copic and prismacolors.
  • Then I just taped it on the back of the tank with scotch tape. The HOB impeller is still in the way, and I can’t move it because of the way the holes in my hood are. The sponge filter’s in the corner being a sponge filter. The heater I took out because there’s no fish in there yet, and the shrimp don’t really need it.
  • As mentioned before, the teacup and the tea set are food safe so I’m assuming tank safe, and the thing that looks like pink and purple feathers is made out of silk, super glue, and an old plastic plant. Since the plastic plant’s meant for aquariums, I was told super glue’s fine for aquariums, and the fabric’s 100% silk and won’t degrade underwater and dyed with acid dyes that bond to the fibers on a molecular level and won’t leach into the water, and I took care to keep the fraying to a decorative level and all loose fibers have been removed and can’t come off the plant, I believe this to be aquarium safe too. The safety of the tank inhabitants overrules any design aesthetics that might be questionably safe.

There’s also my little spoon to feed everyone with, since I’m allergic to shrimp and don’t like sticking my fingers in Omega One Betta in case I’m stupid and touch my eyes or something, and it’s got a high enough shrimp content to be a problem.

Putting this up here mostly in search of critique.

I need ideas for a fish backdrop for a tank based on a destroyed tea party. I’m pretty good at drawing scenes so I was hoping for something alone those ideas?


What every conversation I’ve ever had with a pansexual person sums up to when asked why bisexuality is different from pansexuality. (No one’s ever explained it better. Can someone help me out here?)


I’m staying off tumblr for the day. 

9/11 is a day of remembrance. It’s not a day to make people feel shitty for not tagging things right or posting things you don’t want to see. 

Be nice, tag things, but if you forget something or someone forgets something, don’t send them hate. 

If it bugs you, get off tumblr, or scroll past it. Especially if you’re someone who’s too young to remember thirteen years ago, if talk about 9/11 makes you upset or uncomfortable, think about how upsetting and uncomfortable it was to live through it. Don’t get angry over someone posting something that wasn’t designed to make you uncomfortable. 

If you’re posting things, tag them. 

Please remember that a lot of people were hurt, a lot of people lost parents, siblings, and children, and that if talking about it is a way of soothing the wounds that won’t ever heal fully, it’s not your place to deny them of it. 

If you don’t want any exposure to 9/11, stay off tumblr. Start a new book. Go to the park. Clean something. Let those who lost something or someone have one day to talk about it, and you find something else to do if it upsets you. 

Ghettorigged Aquarium Light replacement for $3

New lights, I learned today, are $30.

I do not have thirty dollars. 

I do have a flashlight, rubber bands, tin foil, duct tape, and the space where I took the old, broken light fixture out.

Here’s how to:

Rubber band chains. The holes where the switch of the old light used to go are a good place to feed them through. Tie the rubber band chains together at the top by knotting another rubber band through them and tying in a reef knot.

You can see where I made a little hood for the light our of tin foil.

I don’t have pictures, but now tape the flash light in place with duct tape. The rubber bands are for support. The tape is for balance, to make sure the flash light doesn’t tip one way or the other and fall in the tank (which would be a VERY bad thing). Shake the hood around to make sure the light’s steady. if it’s not, you might need to add something stronger, like wire. Do not put this back on your tank until you are 100% sure it’s not going anyway.

Then just turn it on and put the hood back. This only brightly lights half of your tank, but it does brighten the whole thing. For the first hour after you put it on, check every ten minutes to make sure nothing’s getting too hot, and stay in the room for at least two hours after that so that you can smell any smoke. As with all very sketch DIY’s, it’s only cool if it’s safe. 

WIth and without pictures:

Without light: 

With light: 

(No matter how convincing my floor lamp behind me looks, it’s not in the tank.)

I’m assuming that like all LED flashlights, the brightness is going to decrease sharply after it’s been left on for an hour or so. Good news is that I think a dimmer LED will be a lot better, and that dull flashlights last for quite a while once they’re pretty dull, so this shouldn’t be a giant waste of batteries.

kai-ni I saw you wanted a plush axolotl and I sew and you’ve helped me out with fish so I whipped somethign up with my stash scrap fabric. It needs legs and gills and then it’s pretty much done. I’ll finish it tomorrow. 
Sorry it’s hard to see in front of my white curtains.

kai-ni I saw you wanted a plush axolotl and I sew and you’ve helped me out with fish so I whipped somethign up with my stash scrap fabric. It needs legs and gills and then it’s pretty much done. I’ll finish it tomorrow. 

Sorry it’s hard to see in front of my white curtains.

I was recently made aware that a lot of people don’t know how to make water-efficient and energy-efficient pasta. 

So here you go. If you’re just cooking enough for one or two, this is the best method IMO.

Instructions are in the captions and also right here:

Put pasta in frying pan. Cover with water by about a quarter inch (I used 2 cups total in the picture). Turn on the heat to med-high. Once the water boils, let it cook for another 2-4 minutes. Drain.

There you go. Faster, less gas/electricity, and less than 1/8th the water.

If you can explain to me scientifically what gluten is and why it’s bad for you and the advantages of cutting it out of your diet, I will make you two dozen gluten free cupcakes for the rest of my life. 
I’m genuinely curious and when I asked facebook they got very offended.

This is excluding people who have gluten intolerances. I understand very much why you cut gluten out of your diet if your body cannot process it.