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for the past year i’ve been concerned that i might have once really offended the costume designer of The Hunger Games

i looked it up today and thankfully whoever i talked to and possibly offended was not the costume designer


Want to hang out with homestucks and draw? This is a super low-key meetup that I’ll be hosting this Friday from 12 to 5 or maybe later.

Bring your own supplies (or use our printer paper and colored pencils) and draw, or show up in a casual cosplay and be a model!

We’ll be meeting in the Starbucks in town.

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a close up on my fucking badass tiara. 
Made by monica

a close up on my fucking badass tiara. 

Made by monica

sometimes i wonder

if you lost all your followers

if you got a new blog

would you change as a person

would you lose who you are

or is your persona online

and not invading your outside life

~Polly makes fun of tumblr poetry, 2014