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Want to hang out with homestucks and draw? This is a super low-key meetup that I’ll be hosting this Friday from 12 to 5 or maybe later.

Bring your own supplies (or use our printer paper and colored pencils) and draw, or show up in a casual cosplay and be a model!

We’ll be meeting in the Starbucks in town.

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a close up on my fucking badass tiara. 
Made by monica

a close up on my fucking badass tiara. 

Made by monica

sometimes i wonder

if you lost all your followers

if you got a new blog

would you change as a person

would you lose who you are

or is your persona online

and not invading your outside life

~Polly makes fun of tumblr poetry, 2014

sometimes lesbians get confused about taxes too

If I ask you to tag something, don’t feel pressured to. It’s your blog and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you don’t, I’ll unfollow you, but not because I’m angry or anything. I still like you as a person. But when I ask you to tag something it’s not because it annoys me but because it genuinely upsets me when it comes across my dash, so I need to get it off my dash one way or another.